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HPV is an extremely common virus that can cause cancer. 

Together, we can stop cancer before it starts.

Know the Facts

We are partners united by the same mission: prevent HPV-related cancers in Massachusetts. 


About Us

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4 out of 5 people

will have HPV during their life. HPV can have no symptoms,

 so most people don't know they had it.

Get Involved

The Coalition is free and open to any person, organization, non-profit, or institution interested in work surrounding HPV.


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  HPV usually goes away on its own, but some cases can go on to cause cancer. 


 HPV causes about 34,800 cases of cancer in the United States every year. 


 The HPV vaccine prevents 92% of all HPV-related cancers.


The vaccine is usually given at age 11 or 12 with the other middle school shots.

You need two shots to be fully covered. After age 14, you need to have 3 shots to be protected.




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