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CDC #HowIRecommend Series


During this segment of the “How I Recommend HPV Vaccine” series, Dr. Alix Casler, FAAP, explains how pediatricians and staff in her practice recommend HPV vaccination.


Oral HPV Webinar


In this webinar, members of the task force educate the dental community with relevant, medically sound information to empower dental professionals to help their patients make informed decisions about oral health and cancer prevention.

Protecting Your Patients

from HPV Associated Cancer


This video was developed for healthcare providers to understand the science, evidence and trends in oropharyngeal cancer, or cancer of the mouth and throat, caused by HPV. National expert and member of the National HPV Vaccination Roundtable, Dr. Terry Day, narrates and makes the case for why HPV vaccination can help reduce cancer incidence.

Dr. Sandra Leal on a Culture of Vaccination in a Practice


Dr. Sandra Leal, PharmD, MPH, FAPhA, discusses how a culture of vaccination within a practice is a team effort, and how consistent recommendations from all staff reminds patients about the importance of vaccines.





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